Dealing with the past

On 18,19 October 2014 the Sakharov Centre hosted the international conference “Dealing with the Past”. How are different nations dealing with their past and especially their difficult aspects? Which are the processes and mechanisms of remembering and forgetting? The conference “Dealing with the Past”, organized by the Sakharov Centre, the Goethe Institute Moscow,  the Hungarian Cultural Centre and the Embassy of Sweden under patronage of EUNIC-Cluster Moscow and in association with European Union and Free Historic Society, was dedicated to these questions. Not a historical conference in the strict sense, it was focused on different cultures of remembering and forms of dealing with the past. The international comparison showed recurring patterns, turning points, external or internal impulses that have led to changes in the way how societies deal with traumatic events and thorny periods of their past.

The conference gathered renowned speakers from ten European countries: Russia, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands, Finland, Czech Republic, Denmark and the United Kingdom. Topics included theoretical reflections on cultures and forms of remembering, issues related to the Holocaust and the way minorities are treated, post-imperial questions and internal conflicts in the history of a country.

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