Intradance Festival: Moscow

True Style Rehearsal with Berlin choreographer Cristoph Winkler

Intradance was a festival of superlatives and the largest EUNIC project in a single country up to now. Over 100 European choreographers from 18 countries and more than 30 Russian dance companies joined the Intradance dance project in 2009. They made seven co-productions and have swept up Moscow in dance from 20 May to 23 May.

The productions were created and presented in various Russian cities before the four-day Intradance Festival climax in Moscow. All the works have been performed anew. Workshops, film presentations and panel discussions on the future of contemporary dance in Western and Eastern Europe provided the added value of this massive event. 

One vital objective of the largest current EUNIC project is to promote cultural dialogue between Russia and the European Union as well as to network the young Russian dance scene. For while classical dance enjoys high regard and state funding in Russia, contemporary forms of expression are only beginning to slowly gain attention.

Participating artists were: Uri Ivgi and Johan Greben from the Netherlands with Provincial Dances from Yekaterinburg, Asier Zabaleta from Spain with the Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theatre, Rachid Ouramdane from France with the Ensemble Migrazia from Kirov, Karin Ponties from Belgium with Dialog Dance from Kostroma, Lotte Sigh from Denmark with Pantera from Kazan, Victor Hugo Pontes from Portugal with the Liquid Theatre from Moscow and Christoph Winkler from Germany with Ed Physical Dance from St. Petersburg.
The Intradance project was funded by the European Union. You can find out more about the project here.

Project presentation with participants' bios

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