Trauma & Revival

The EUNIC Cluster Moscow is happy to be taking part in the Traum & Revival program (2016-2018).

Through Belgium (BOZAR), Finland (University of Jyvaskyla),  Germany (ZKM), Italy (Cittadelarte-Fondazione Pistoletto), Latvia (Kim? Contemporary art centre), Poland (Bunker Sztuki) and Russia (Pushkin State Museum of Fine arts), artsists and reserachers will think about cultural relations between Eastern and Western Europe from 1945 to today.

This reflection aims at "raising awareness of a shared cultural heritage and history and its current impacts on everyday". This will lead to think about questions about contemporary cultural relations between Eastern and Western Europe:
"Are these exchanges between artists more frequent and more inspiring? Are both sides still influencing each other? How do citizens see this joint past and how do they consider the present? And can policy-makers raise the awareness about the need for more exchanges in this field ?"

One of the various steps of this amazing spriritual and historical journey, is the exhibition "Facing the Future, Art in Europe, 1945-1968" at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. You can visit it from March 7th to May 21st !