Trauma&Revival : workshop in Moscow

In the framework of the Trauma&Revival program organized by BOZAR and with the cooperation of the EUNIC Moscow, Moscow welcomed 22 artists from all over Europe. This program is centered on the exhibition "Facing the Future, art in Europe, 1945-1968" which took place at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. During their stay, these European artists visited many cultural places which show the Russian art from 1945 to 1968.

This visit has been an opportunity for them to know better the Eastern European culture and its art and to compare it with their own art and culture. Doing that, they will realise the differences but also the similarities between culture in both parts of the continent. It was also a chance to create a dialogue between artistic communities which could lead to future cooperation. Finally, it was an oocasion to think about art itself : its role in our societies and its evolution.

 Here is an extract of this enriching stay:

The program will continue with a residency in Riga (Latvia) from July 8th to 22nd organized by Kim? Contemporary Art Center, a residency in Biella (Italy) organized by Fondazione Pistoletto, a workshop in Krakow organized by Sztuki and will finish in the Summer 2018 with the  travelling exhibition of the work of the participants in these three places.