Young Russian Curators: Winners

Sweden: Nadezhda Nazarbayeva

We are pleased to inform you that the selection of curators for the EUNIC internship programme is completed. This year, five young Russian curators will be trained in prestigious cultural institutions in Europe: Das Weisse Haus (Austria) - Anna Titovets (aka Intektra), History Museum of Nantes (France) - Ekaterina  Eparinova, Färgfabriken (Sweden) - Nadezhda Nazarbayeva, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfallen (Germany) - Evgenia Stavrova, (Great Britain) - Ilya Shipilovskih. At the end of the programme, the curators will present their projects and the implementation of the best project will be financed by EUNIC.

Meet the curators

Austria: Anna Titovets (aka Intektra) is a visual/media artist, independent curator and researcher. Her professional interest and qualification lies in the diverse aspects of media art and interdisciplinary field of where culture, art and technologies meet. In 2008 she co-founded Plums Fest ­ ­­– a festival and platform for representing and researching new forms of audiovisual performance and interdisciplinary arts, which aims to explore different kinds of digital arts experiments which are appearing in the field of intersection between technologies, art, curiousity and music.

Germany: Evgenia Stavrova (Moscow) is an independent curator and art critic. Her main area of specialization in both curatorial work and research is contemporary photography and video. Evgenia works in cooperation with Moscow Classic Photography Gallery and recently took part in organizing of «001 Inverso Mundus, AES+F» exhibition in Venice, 2015. She also lectures on subjects of modern and contemporary photography with an emphasis on the art photography and its market.

France: This year, the internship program for young Russian curators (Eunic) declared  Ekaterina  Eparinova, research associate worker and curator of the “The architectural graphic” collection at the Tsarkoye Selo State Museum Preserve, the winner set to be trained in France among the candidates selected.In April, Ekaterina will benefit from an internship at the History Museum of Nantes, housed inside a 15th century flamboyant gothic palace, the castle of The Dukes of Brittany. Ekaterina has been a research associate worker and a curator of the “The architectural graphic” collection at the Tsarkoye Selo State Museum Preserve since 2007. She took part in preparing and implementing exhibitions “Dagnini a painter and an architector at the court of the Tsars” (2009–2010) at the International Centre of Art and Culture of Mantova “Palazzo Te”, and she took part in organizing major projects at the Tsarkoye Selo Museum such as “The Nation’s heritage” (2010-2012), “Russian lifestyle” (2010), “Memory keepers - Items of remembrance ; gifts from the past and present” (2010), “Agatha’s rooms.  On the way to rebirth” (2011), “Behind the pomp scenes. Suppliers of the Imperial Court” (2013), “Palladio and Russia. From Barocco to Modernism” (Venice, 2014), ‘Unrivalled Wedgwood” (Moscow, 2015). Ekaterina was also the curator of the exhibition “A lilac day”, presented on the occasion of The Empress Alexandra Fedorovna’s birth anniversary, and of “A life dedicated to palaces” (2013), for which she was awarded the Alexander Nevsky prize.

Great Britain: Ilya Shipilovskih graduated from Perm State University with a law degree. He is also a graduate of the school of art journalism “Pro Arte” and the first Moscow curatorial summer school, initiated by the V-A-C Foundation.

In 2008 he began working at the “Green Art” gallery in Perm. Since 2011 he has been working at the Ural branch of the NCCA as a curator and head of the “Art. Science. Technologies” programme. Selected curatorial projects include: “City – Harbour: no sea here”, “Hooray, Ural!”, “New Aesthetics: consistency of inner principles”, “Life of others”,   “Bold Actions”.   

Sweden: Nadezhda Nazarbayeva graduated from Higher School of Economics in Moscow with degree in  sociology, worked in theater Praktika as PR-manager and for Internataional theater festival Textura in Perm as head of PR. Managed projects  for New York Film Academy. Now works at Center for Documentary film in Moscow. She won traineeship in Sweden in Färgfabriken.